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  1. Morning everyone,

    I'm just trying to gather myself together to make all the stock we need to cover the 7 events we are doing this week.  I need to have plenty of rings, earrings, bracelets, Scrabble, Lego and Mah Jongg, and lots more all ready to go tomorrow.

    Ordered a load of new materials so hoping they all arrive today, or tomottow at the latest. Jen is making a lot of new bracelets for children and adults and I'm making the rings as well as anything also I think will sell well.

    We had a very successful 1st Farmers market at Broxburn on Saturday.  It had been well advertised and was very well supported.  Jen went back to Greenock to try that market again and did quite well.  Customers were pleased to see us back and she gave out a lot of cards.

    Just signed up for another 3 monthly farmers markets so looks like we are going to be very busy over the summer.

    Got my first set of Mah Jongg tiles yesterday and got some rings and pendants made up right away and listed on the website.  I think these are going to be good sellers as they are so pretty and so on trend for summer.

    Made my first lot of resin bangles yesterday as well.  After a bit of pushing and manipulating, they came out of the moulds perfect and I'm quite pleased with the results.  They take a lot of time to make and use a lot of resin so I'll see how these go before I make some more.   

    I'm just off for a wee run now, then I'm heading for town as I've run out of small padded envelopes again.. Think someone is eating them :)  Also got to get some Easter cards for the family and do the banking.  When I get back I've got to make up todays orders and get them ready for the post.  I've got PT at 4pm today as well, so I'd better get a move on if I want to do everything :)

    Hope you all have a lovely day, think the sun is going to come out here in Stirling again.

    Take care.

    Jude xx

  2. Hi everyone,

    Just back from Stirling University Atrium Traders market.  Out of 8 stalls, 5.5 were selling jewellery of some description.  Unfortunately for the other sellers, we now have a very strong customer base at the Uni and people come straight to our stall and ignore the others.  They like the funky items we sell.  Great for us but a bit demoralising for the others.  Anyway Nick did a great job as usual and got a lot of sales.

    I set up the stall then came home to make and dispatch todays website orders.  A lot of Scrabble went out today along with quite a bit of Lego and some Cans and Candy. 

    A lot of new materials came in again today, so I will hopefully get some new stock made tomorrow. Got some fab big smiley faces for pendants and some great big cabochons for brooches.  Loads of Scrabble tiles came in today too, so all letters are in stock for immediate dispatch.

    Just having a cup of tea at the computer, then going for a sit down as we have circcuit training tonight.  Its great, but always hard going, and I've got to go out and run round the pitches  3 times as well.

    We will be back at Greenock Farmers Market on Saturday, first time in over a year, so we will see how the customers react to our new stock lines.  Also taking part in the Farmers Market at Broxburn Easter Fete, which should be fun.

    We have a lot of events booked in for the next few months so check out the Calendar of Events to see where we are.  We may be coming your way sometime soon :) 

    I'd better go and put my feet up for a wee while.

    Take care.

    Love form Jude xx

  3. Evening all,

    This is a bit of a late Blog today, but I've had a lot on and been trying to re-vamp some of the item descriptions on the website.

    Also been trying to get to grips with robots and what they do when they crawl your site !!  I'm still none the wiser really, lol :)

    I had a big making day yesterday and got a lot of new earrings and a couple of pendants listed on the website. Some fab yellow roses and purple faced pansies, some horses, and some funky other things.

    Website has been very busy today.  It's always nice to switch on the email in the morning and see orders already in.  Been a steady stream all day.  And quite a few International ones, which is wonderful.  Scrabble still very popular but a lot of rings, Chocolate and Easter items going out this week too. 

    Got some unusual new resin pieces made on Sunday and Monday, just have to add the final fixings now they are set nice and hard.  Think most will be rings with the bigger ones for pendants.  Ordered some assorted bracelet moulds, so they should be here soon.  Quite excited to try them out with some new embeds.

    I had better go and get ready for bed now, I'm trying to have an early night tonight as I've got a lot of things to make tomorrow and a PT session at 4pm. Then we are all going to Auchtertool in Fife to a get together for Jimmy, the Fife Farmers Market organiser, who retired last month.  Should be fun, and I'm sure the food will be fab :)

    So take care everyone.

    Love from Jude xx.

  4. Afternoon everyone,

    I almost put 'morning' there, then realised the time was almost 1 o'clock.  I have had a very long lie in this morning.  Just so tired after a busy week of markets and website sales, and a very long and busy day at Stirling FM yesterday. coupled with not much sleep.  Nick was up early to watch the Grand Prix.

    So now I'm up and doing my Blog, then either going out for a walk in the sunshine or having a wee round of golf.  It will probably be golf as Nick will want to practice for the medal day at Comrie tomorrow.

    A lot of orders came in on the website yesterday so I'll have to spend some time looking out all the materials I need to make up all the items.  Most should be made and posted tomorrow.  Scrabble and Lego jewellery still going strong, but lots of chocolate theme items also selling well just now in the run up to Easter. Almost sold out of Chocolate oranges and Creme eggs. Flowers and Fruit going well too.

    Anyway, I'd better go and get dressed then see what we are going to do.  Maybe even try to get some more resin rings made up if I get time.

    Have a lovely Sunday afternoon.

    Take care.

    Jude xx

  5. Hello there,

    What a great day we have had.  The sun has been shining and the shoppers have beemn out buying :)

    Nick had a below average day at Paisley Farmers Market for no good reson, but Jen and I had a really super day at Stirling Farmers Market.  Started an hour earlier than usual at 9am and caught a lot of early trade.  Sun had really brought the shoppers out of the Shopping Centre into the fresh air.

    Sold a lot of pendants and Easter earrings today, plus cufflinks, lots of rings and Scrabble pieces.

    Bought some fab Rib-Eye steak for tea, some purle sprouting broccoli, Cairno Cider and Strawbubbly, Venison Pie, Fudge and Cake.  It was lovely to catch up with lots of friends. Thanks your your support.







    Came home and found that customers had been busy on the website.  A lot of orders came in today :)  So it looks like I'm going to be very busy on Monday again.

    Very tired now as I got less than 3 hours sleep last night.  Going to finish this Blog then catch 40 winks on the couch before I cook the tea and have a cheeky little glass of Cairno :)

    Have a great weekend.

    take care.

    Jude xx

  6. Morning everyone,

    Well the sun is shining here in Stirling and I've already got my washing on :)

    Should be a very busy day as I'm waiting on lost of new materials arriving, loads of miniature goodies.  The drill is all set up with my smallest drill bit, so I'm ready to get started on bananas and ice cream cones.  Really looking forward to showing you the finished articles.

    Lot of miniature plates on their way too, so watch out for the new line of food cufflinks which should be on the website with photos today.  I've got more ideas for that line, so keep watching Facebook for new photos.

    Nick had a good day at Stirling University yesterday.  We are building up a really good customer base there, and getting lots of orders.  Jen was up helping for a while too.

    We have 2 markets this weekeend, Paisley Farmers Market and our local Stirling Farmers market.  I'll have a lot of new jewellery on both stalls including the new food lines and lots of Easter gift ideas.  Nick will be at Paisley and Jen and I will be in Stirling, with Nick coming along later on.

    As the sun is shining, I may try to get somemore resin cabochons made today too.  Will go outside to do the pouring to avoid the fumes :)

    Still selling lots of Scrabble and Lego jewellery, especially rings, but cufflinks going well this week too.  Sweetie Jar pendants are very popular and so are the 'Message in a Bottle' pendants.  Creme Eggs and Chocolate Orange earrings almost sold out again.

    I'd better get cracking as I want to get a lot done and I've got to pop into town as well.  Need to buy my Mum some new clothes.

    So take care and have a lovely weekend.

    Love from Jude xx 

  7. Evening all,

    Goodness but I've been busy today.  I've ordered even more new materials to start making a new line in cufflinks, plus extend the range for some other items.

    Todays orders are all made and posted, which is always a relief :)

    Had great feedback for the fruity items I listed yesterday.  Sales coming in already. More of this line will be added this week.  Just need to set up a very small drill bit to get some pieces made.

    Also added a lot of new food rings, but photos are not up yet.  Will have to do them tomorrow.

    Event bookings coming in all the time just now, but having to turn some down as my calendar is already very full.  Spring and Summer are going to be very full on for Jude's Jewels.

    Nick and Jen will be at Milngavie Farmers market tomorrow.  I have PT at 8am then am going to spend the day making new jewellery.  Hopefully some of the new materials will arrive and I can get a lot done :)

    Going to make a cup of tea and put my feet up now.  Only stopped for about 20 minutes all day.

    Take care.

    Love from Jude x  

  8. Hi there,

    Just back from Circuit Training with Nick.  Had a great time, really enjoying the is circuit :)

    Made Prawn Biryani with wild Bismati rice for tea, very nice.

    Had a full on day making up all the orders from the weekend and today.  But running out of boxes again so had to do another big order.

    Spent a lot of time this morning ordering new materials as I've got a lot of ideas for new jewellery buzzing round in my head.  Also got to make sure we have lots of stock made up ready for some of the big events we are doing over the summer.

    Got my new Pineapple and Banana items made and listed, really pleased with them.  Just got another couple of fruit items to make up.  Think they will be very popular for the summer.  Pineapple bracelet about to be listed on the website.

    Thinking of making some resin bangles, so will have to look for moulds.  Also will try the Epoxy resin rather than the polyester this time to reduce the fumes.  Got some great new embeds already ordered so better get those moulds soon.

    I've got to go now and do some more work on the website.

    Have a good week.

    Love from Jude xxx