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  1. Morning everyone,

    Well the sun is shining and the skies are blue here in Stirling :)  Already got a load of washing on and 2 more to go!!

    Just had a parcel delivery and it was a load of miniatures, so I'm already making up some items to list on the website.

    Sushi rings, Strawberry cheesecake rings, Oreo cookie rings, Chocolate cupcake rings, Watermelon Cookie jars, Cherry cookie jars and Oreo cookie jars jars, and very cute Cup of Coffee rings too. Looks like it's going to be a busy day at Jude's Jewels :)

    Got a load of orders to process and dispatch today as well, been a very busy weekend on the website, which is fab.

    On the Farmers Market front, Jen had a really great day at Mansfield Park in Glasgow.  Best ever for sales and orders.  She out-sold Nick and I, who had a quiet day at Paisley. Our sales were far lower than normals but this was due to 2 marches taking place and huge Police presence, keeping customers away :(   However, we were back on form at Fencebay yesterday and had good sales and a got huge amount of orders for next month. Jennifer had a poor day at Sterling Mills, Tillicoultry.  It was very cold and that kept a lot of the families away.  So overall it was swings and roundabouts.

    Over the weekend, I ran a competition on the website to celebrate reaching over 1500 Jude's Jewels Facebook Fans.  New rules at Facebook meant that I had to do a 'giveaway' via the website and not directly on my Facebook page.  I had lots of entries and am just about to list all the names and do a random draw.  Thanks to all those who took part.  I will be running another'Competition' when I reach 1600 fans :) 

    Well I had better get cracking, lots to do today.  Just hope the weather stays good for a few days so I can get out and enjoy it.

    Have a great week.

    Love from Jude xx   

  2. Morning everyone,

    The sun is coming out here in stirling so it looks like we may have a nice afternoon.

    Aches all over this morning after circuit training last night and PT the day before.  But I lost 2.5 lbs last week so am on my way to loosing all the weight I put on over Christmas and during my holiday :)

    I am so excited to have finally ordered all the materials I need for the resin cabochons I am doing to be making.  Just have to wait patiently for them to arrive now.  Never used resin before so this is all going to be new and I'm sure there will be some experimentation going on.  I've got round moulds ordered to make rings from but also heart and stars as well, which I think I'll use for pins and maybe pendants.  Just have to see how things turn out :)

    Hopefully the organza butterflies and silver headbands will arrive today and I'll get a few made up for the website and the stalls.  Just remembered I'll need to go and order tiara boxes to pack them in!!

    Think I will do some Steampunk pieces today as I feel in the mood.  Also making bracelets and doing the website orders.  Need to make up a load of stall stock too, as we have 4 Farmers Markets this weekend.

    On the website, Scrabble and Lego still selling very well, but lots of Easter items going well too. 

    So I'd better fly and get started.  Lots to do :)  

    Take care.

    Love from Jude xx

  3. Afternoon all,

    Very sore all over this morning as I was back at PT last night and was put through my paces.  Seems my back/spine is not very supple so I need to work on flexibility.  Really enjoyed the kick boxing bit and mamaged to jump up on the bench without falling on my face, which amazed me.  Mind over matter :)  Need to go for a massage this week and do some pilates classes as well.

    I was up at Stirling University earlier on setting up the Jude's Jewels stall at the Atrium Traders Market.

    Nick then took over and I came home to work on todays orders and also to get on with ordering materials for the new ideas I've had :)

    I thought I'd make some butterfly headbands so I've ordered about 6 colours of organza butterflies and silver tiara bands.

    Also decided to try resin moulding my own cabochons for rings and brooches. I've just ordered the resin kit, some round, star and heart moulds and the items I'm going to ember in them.  Not saying what just yet as I want it to be a surprise.  But I'm very excited about it all :)

    Looks like the black Lego Rings with the Swarovski Crystals may become big sellers now that Jessie J has been spotted wearing one, along with a Scrabble ring, at Camden Barfly :)  Good news for me !!

    So now I'm going to have some lunch, finish packing the orders, get them posted and then get back up to the University to give Nick a break, and also to pack up.  I'm very fussy about what goes where !!

    So Have a great Thursday.

    Take care.

    Love from Jude xx

  4. Morning all,

    Kind of grey and overcast here in Stirling, but not raining which is a bonus.

    Have decided to try making some cabochons for rings using resin and embedding various unusual items.  Have to order resin and hardner, etc, and also get some moulds.  Will get on to that today :)  Think this could be fun.

    Some big orders for Easter, Chocolate and Scrabble items came yesterday, so will be making them up this afternoon.  Also had a lot of enquiries for custom pieces, which is great.

    Going to go for another walk/jog over the top of Bridge of Allan this morning.  Really trying hard to get back into shape.

    That's me had my porridge and blueberries, and a wee cup of tea, so I'm all ready to go and face the day.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

    Take care.

    Love from Jude xx

  5. Hi everyone,

    Just getting myself sorted out to start making up all the orders from over the weekend.  The website has been very busy :)   I have also adjusted my Scrabble jewellery prices, so have a look.

    Unfortunately we had 2 quite poor Farmers Markets on Saturday.  Both Queens Park and Cupar were quiet for us.  Bad weather did not help at all :(

    Had a day off yesterday and went for a great walk/jog over Bridge of Allan and home via Stirling Uni.  Really enjoyed it and managed to run for over a mile, which is good for me.

    Took one of my neices to see 'Paul' last night.  First time we have been to the cinema in years !!  Really enjoyed it.  

    Just made this feathered bird hairband for a customer in Paisley.  Quite pleased with it so will list it on the website in a wee while.

    Better get to it as I do make a lot to make.

    Back soon.have a great week.

    Love from Jude.

  6. Morning all,

    Just been looking out all the materials I'm going to be using in my jewellery making today :)

    Going to be making new Lego head earrings, mini figure pendants, dog pendants and light sabre earrings.

    Also got a load of new buttons delivered so I'm going tobe making kids rings for the weekend.

    Jen needs a display of Scrabble rings for her stall so I'll do a whole set for her too.

    Got a customer request for a hairband with a bird on it, so have ordered all the materials, just waiting on them arriving.

    Also got a customer request last night for a Pixie Lott style Scrabble hair clip.  Listed it on website last night so can make it in any letter now :)

    And just a reminder that at the moment I have all Scrabble letters in stock including J's and K's, so if you want something with one of these letters, now's your chance :)

    Anyway, I'd better get cracking on my jewellery making.

    Have a great day.

    Love from Jude xx

  7. Hi there,

    Nick has just gone to the PO with todays orders.  I've spent a lot of time searching for mew materials to use in rings and pendants today.  Looking at Miniature items just now. they are very quirky and so much fun.  Not just food items, but other things too.

    We have quite a few large outdoor events booked over the summer and I know I will need to have a good amount of stock ready to go.  Smaller items sell well at these events so I'm looking for inspiration all over the place.

    Got to go and order address labels now as computer went funny on me last time I was half was through.  Also need to go and order blue Lego as well.  

    Lots of Scrabble sets arrived today so I now have J's and K's in stock along with loads of all the other letters.  Just thinking of what to do with them all :)

    So I'd better pop over the the label site and get my order in.

    Have a good evening.

    Love from Jude xx

  8. Afternoon everyone,

    Had a bit of a long lie in this morning after the PT and Circuit Training yesterday.  Feeling good today, had my porridge and blueberries and enjoying the healthy detox diet we are all on.

    Just getting everything organised to make and dispatch lots more orders this afternoon.

    A good selection of Cufflinks, Scrabble, Lego and Swarovski Thistles going out today :)

    Going to be trying to take some photos of a new necklace I made last night, so will list it in the shop later.

    Ordered a load of fun flatbacks for rings last night so hope they will arrive in a week or so.  Also had to order another 300 boxes !!  Got to go and place an order for more address labels too, while I am remembering about it :) 

    So I'd better get going and make a start on the making before lunch time.

    Have a great day.

    Love from Jude xx

  9. Morning all,

    Just back from PT and now getting organised making up todays orders.

    Lots of Creme Eggs, Lego and Scrabble going out, along with some Dr Who earrings.

    Just changed the layout of the Cans and Candy page over the weekend to make it easier to look at.  I've added sub-groups for earrings, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, rings and phone charms.  More items being added all the time.  

    Going to be adding a new page for Easter/Mothers day later today, so watch out for some new items being listed.

    We had 2 good Farmers markets on Saturday. Paisley sales were better than expected for the beginning of the month, and we had a very good day at Stirling.

    Bit of a shock to the system setting up the stall for the first time since before Christmas.  Took me 2 hours to get it straightened out, but got there in the end.

    So better go and get cracking on these orders.  Some are needed urgently.

    Have a good week.

    Love from Jude. 

  10. Evening all,

    Been very busy today making and dispatching orders, working on the website and making up new stock for the Farmers Markets tomorrow.

    Nick will be in County Square at Paisley Farmers Market from 9am to 1pm.  Jen and I will be in Port Street, at the Stirling Farmers Market, from 10am to 4pm.  As usual, these markets are well worth a visit as you will find loads of fab fresh Scottish Produce.

    We will have Valentines Day and Easter items for sale as well as lots more Cans and Candy, Scrabble and Lego jewellery.

    I'd better get back to the making table as I've still got a lot to make and am coming up with new ideas all the time :)    

    Have a great weekend.

    Love from Jude xx