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This is my Jude's BlogI will try to write something on a regular basis to keep everyone up-to-date with what I am making, any new lines I'm launching, how I am feeling, what I am doing and things that bother or annoy me.  Please add your comments as I would really like your feedback.  I am also very interested in any ideas and suggestions you may have for new lines.          Blog Policyhit counter for tumblr

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm still on holiday and Jen is doing a fab job keeping the orders flowing out.

    Still a bit of a wait for Scrabble K's but everything else is fine.

    I have had some great ideas for new lines while I have been on my holidays here in the USA.  Going to be making up some necklaces with chains, western charns and turquoise drops I think.

    Now getting very relaxed and ready to start back to work on a high.

    Hope you are all getting through the winter months and are looking forward to Spring :)

    Stay safe.

    Love from Jude xx 

  2. Hi everyone,

    I'm still on holiday and Jen is still in charge.

    I have added re-listed my Creme Egg earrings again in time for Easter orders and also added a matching pendant.

    Coming very soon will be more Easter items and some Valentines Day pieces and a few Mothers Day items.  I hope you like them all.

    I have ordered a load of extra Scrabble sets so have all letters in stock for orders.  Also got quite a few sets of Travel Scrabble coming in too.

    Just about to place a new Lego order, so watch out for some new design ideas coming soon.

    I'm looking out for some Day of the Dead beads here in San Antonio, so watch out for some funky new lines very soon.

    Have to go now as I've had a busy day sight-seeing at the Alamo and down in the Riverwalk.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Love from Jude xx.

  3. Just a quick Jude's Blog tonight as I am still on my holidays :)

    After a wonderful week in Scottsdale, Arizona, we are now in El Paso, Texas, but moving on to San Antonio tomorrow.

    Jen is in charge of Jude's Jewels at the moment and is doing a great job processing and dispatching the orders.

    Lots of sales going through just now which is fantastic.  Scrabble, Lego, Chess and Sweeties still best sellers.  Cufflinks, earrings, rings and bracelets all going well.

    Better go, as I have to pack for the road trip tomorrow.

    Back on the Blog again soon.

    Take care.

    Jude x.

  4. Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing fine.

    I am on holiday just now so and controlling the website from far away.

    Daughter Jen is in charge of processing the orders at home this week and she is doing a good job.

    The website is starting to get busy again already, so I am very pleased.

    Scrabble, Lego, Chess, Sweeties, Cans and Coin Cufflinks all selling well.

    Look out for some new items in the coming weeks.  I have Valentines Day, Easter and Mothers Day pieces all about to be listed.

    Got to go to bed now as I have had a busy day coaching Nick on the golf course.

    Stay safe.

    Love from Jude XX

  5. Morning all,

    Just waiting on my (not usual) postman to arrive with the mail and parcels. 
    Also waiting on my new digital camera to arrive :)

    Had family over for supper last night which was lovely.  Brother and his family and Sister and her family. Wanted to catch up with everyone before my sister and her family go off to start a new life overseas.  Will miss them so much it's hard to bear...............................................
    ...................................................... anyway still waiting on various parcels to turn up since before Christmas. 

    No idea where things have gone or where they are, and neither does the Post Office :(


    Got a lot of orders to make up today. Scrabble and Lego still very popular but Steampuk selling well and Coin Cufflinks too.  Sweetie Jar pendants have been very popular and so have the Cans & Candy items, so stock getting limited on some of these lines.

    Trying to get everything tidied up in the house as well.  Still got some Christmas decorations to go back into the loft.
    So better go and get on with it all.

    Have a super Tuesday.
    Love from Jude x
  6. Hi everyone, hope you had a good Saturday.

    Snow still on the ground here but blue skies above, so nice to look at.

    We had friends in for supper last night so have been a bit slow to get going this morning :)

    Just about to start on the weekend orders, and also place orders for more materials and try to find some more Scrabble sets :)

    Got plenty of all Scrabble letters including J's, but still very short on K's.

    Lego cufflinks and rings selling well over the weekend as well as some of the Valentines day items.

    Got my family coming for supper tomorrow night so am going to make some Scrabble and Cans & Candy jewellery for my nieces today.

    Still got a lot of invoices to type up for Nick as well, so think I am going to be busy :)

    Better get to it.

    Have a great Sunday.

    Jude x

  7. Hi there,

    Well it's freezing here in Stirling again, and these is more snow forecast for tonight :(

    Just as well we are not doing any Farmers Markets tomorrow :)

    Actually had a little'me time' today, did some shopping and got a few bargains.

    Spent the afternoon making and wrapping orders and Nick is off posting them now.

    Still waiting on various Scrabble sets and some materials to arrive but wait for Scrabble K's is now getting shorter again :)

    Going to have a nice weekend with friends coming for supper tomorrow evening, then family coming on Monday night.

    Got to go and order some new materials while the ideas are fresh in my head.

    Have a great weekend and stay safe and warm.

    Love form Jude xx

  8. Well I heaved huge sigh of relief this afternoon !! 

    The JJ accounts were posted to the accountant.  It's been a marathon task this time which was entirely my own fault.  I just got very, very busy last year and did not bother to keep the books up to date.  I've made a mental note to myself to organise my time better this year and keep the books up to date and to get them to the accountant in May!!  We shall see what happens..................

    Anyway, got a big delivery of Scrabble tiles today, so I was able to almost catch up with orders for K's, and also get almost everything else made and posted too :)

    Now just got to put Christmas decorations away in cupboards and up in loft to get house back to normal.  Then I have Nicks invoices to WP tomorrow and I'm home and dry.  I can go away on my hols without a black cloud hanging over me :)

    Jen is being left in charge of website orders when I am away, so dispatches will be almost as normal, hopefully!

    So better get this Christmas stuff put away, then I can watch some TV :)

    Stay safe.

    Love from Jude x 



  9. Afternoon all,

    Wet and grey here in Stirling :(

    Just about finished the accounts now so should have them in the post by tomorrow. Thank goodness everything balanced!

    Working my way through the orders this afternoon.  Lots came in over the holidays and that is the PO open again, so a lot will get dispatched today.

    Just listed 2 new phone charms, Tennants Lager and Irn Bru. Limited stock just now.

    Scrabble and Lego rings still very much in demand, but lots of Cans and Candy items going out today, as well as Childrens name bracelets.

    Better get back to it.

    Love from Jude x


  10. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say that I hope 2011 is a good year for you all :)

    I'm still plowing my way through my accounts, which should have been at the accountant ages ago :(

    Never mind, I'll get there.

    Lots of orders coming in for the Cans and Candy items, and for Scrabble and Lego which is still proving very popular.  Our post office re-opend tomorrow after the long holiday break, so most orders will be processed and dispatched tomorrow or Thursday.  STILL waiting for about 15 Scrabble sets of arrive from 4 weeks ago.  My super postmam says they will arrive, they are all just sitting in containers somewhere waiting to be sorted. 

    Will be listing extra Valentines Gift items very soon, so watch out for them :)

    Better go and finish these accounts.

    Stay safe.

    Loce from Jude xx