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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have to apologise for the lack of Blogging, but I've been so busy making and dispatching website orders and going to markets that I've not had time to Blog at all.

    It's been a very hectic couple of months and the past 30 days have just been a blur. 1200 items were ordered on the website alone. To make sure all the orders went out on time, I've been working almost 20 hours a day and got really tired at the weekend. So much so that at 3am on Sunday morning I decided I could not manage to go to one of the markets scheduled for that day. I hate to disappoint customers but I was just way to tired to drive never mind setting up a stall and running it all day.

    Today, things are slowing down so I think the main Christmas rush is now over. I've still got orders coming in, but I'm able to make and dispatch most onthe same day.

    Over the past few months I've been adding lots of items to the wensite ans stall stock.  Most popular has been the Acrylic pendants, but the Steampunk cufflinks are proving very popular too. The Christmas jewellery page has been very busy as well and I've tried to add lots of new items.

    2 weeks ago I launched a range of new sweetie smothered gel covers for the iPhone 4. Very soon I'll have the same covers available for the iPod 4 as well.  In the New year I will be expanding the range and offering a custom design service.

    The Scrabble and Lego jewellery is still selling very well, and I now have almost 400 sets of Scrabble in the house !!

    I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.  I also want to say thank you for all your support and custom over the past year.

    Have a wonderful time.

    Jude xx

  2. Hi everyone,

    Just a quick Blog today as I really am struggling to keep up with website orders, making stock for markets, ordering new stock and generally just keeping the business going.  So much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  But such is life and I'm not complaining.

    Looks like people have started to shop early for Christmas as I am already getting some quite large orders coming in on the website.

    Been doing the usual round of markets. Sloan's in Glasgow is proving very good for us. We just seem to be catching the right customers there, and they are loving our jewellery.

    Farmers markets have been a bit quiet this month, but hopefully they will get busier in the next week or so. 

    We have been getting a lot of bookings for Christmas events so it looks like I'd better make up a good selection of new jewellery to keep ahead of demand.  We will be at the Novotel in Edinburgh for 3 days at the beginning of December, for a Christmas Market.  Also taking part in a Farmers Market in the Howgate in Falkirk in the week before Christmas. 

    Halloween jewellery has been selling well, as have Cufflinks, Scrabble rings, Lego Rings, Jammy Dodger Rings and Chocolate Star Rings.  Although Domino Rings have been on the stalls for a while, I've just listed them on the website too.

    Lego Minifigure pendants are selling very well and I'm getting lots of commission orders too.  Just about to list Hermione and R2D2.

    This week you can find us at Stirling University tomorrow, Sloans market on Saturday and Sunday, and Fencebay Farmers market on Sunday too.  Unfortunately due to Jens work schedule we will not be at Paisley farmers market on Saturday.  We will be back there onthe 12th November.

    I'd better go and get cracking on todays orders, lots to get into the post.

    Love and best wishes.

    Jude xx

  3. Hi everyone.

    Just catching my breath after a very busy 4 days where we did 6 events.

    Stirling University Atrium Traders market is going very well this term. Nick had lots of returning customers on Thursday.  Falkirk Farmers Market was busy in the afternoon on Friday, afer a slow start. Stirling Farmers Market was good on Saturday, with lots of sales, while Paisley Farmers Market was a bit slow. Nick and Jen went to Clydebank on Saturday night to take part in a fundraiser in aid of Diabetes. And on Sunday Nick and I has a super day at Sloan's Market in Glasgow.

    I've been making up a lot of new acrylic pendants, necklaces and earrings again this week including Pac Man Ghosts and the original yellow Pac Man. Bats, Barbie and Lady Gaga to follow tonight.

    Also made up some Screme Egg earrings just for Halloween.

    Scrabble Rings and Lego Rings still selling well at markers and online. Jammy Dodger and Chocolate Star rings also selling well.

    I made a Barbie Head bracelet on Thursday night and it sold on Friday.  Making another 2 tomorrow. Also made a couple of Barbie leg pendants for Halloween and will be using up the arms tomorrow too.

    More Halloween items coming this week including kids Pony bead bracelets.  And I'll be doing something new with the Scrabble tiles.

    The website has been very busy over the weekend, so I've spent all day getting orders made up. Looks like tomorrow will be the same.  I think people are shopping early for Christmas this year.

    I've got to go and ordermore stock.

    Back again with more items next week.

    Take care.

    Jude x

  4. Morning everyone,

    Just making the most of a little bit of free time this morning to get my Blog done.

    Got a bit of a fright on Friday evening when Jen came back from her camping trip to Glencoe. She had fallen on scree coming down from a waterfall and had to be taken to hospital. She had tohave a nasty gash in her scalp glued together, her face was scratched and she had an enormous bruise all the way round her rear end. She was very lucky, as it could have been much worse. We were just grateful to get her back in one piece.

    Since the Edinburgh festival markets finished we have been very busy with Farmers markets and I've been working on the website. We have also returned to Sloan's Market in Glasgow. You will find us there most Sundays and every other Saturday too. This market is set in an alley beside the famous Sloans bar. It's very atmospheric and there are lots of quirky things on sale. Loads of jewellery.

    I'm getting geared up for another busy weekend. We start back at Stirling University Atrium Traders tomorrow. On Saturday Nick will be at Paisley farmers market and I will be at Stirling farmers market. On Sunday Nick will be at Fencebay farmers market and Jen and I will be back at Sloan's market in Glasgow.

    I've spent the last few days ordering up loads of new materials to make new jewellery for the stalls and the website. Watch out for lots of new Halloween items and Christmas things too. less than 14 weeks now till the big day, lol.

    Still selling very well are the Scrabble and Lego rings. This week we have had a lot of orders for Coin Cufflinks too.  Lego earrings have started to sell well and the Scrabble stretch name bracelets are always popular. Glass Ball watches selling fast as well.

    Last night I listed some Halloween rings, and there are lots of Halloween earrings coming very soon.  I also listed some special Lego minifigure pendants and they are selling fast.  Captain Jack Sparrow is proving to be very popular.

    Because we are going a lot of markets in Glasgow, I've just listed some fun Glaswegian themed badge rings. Glasgow Smiles Better, Glasgow Kiss and CSI Glasgow.

    The parcel post has just arrived so now I've got a lot of new materials to make up. better go and make a start.

    Take care everyone.

    Love from Jude x

  5. Morning all,

    I've finally managed to make enought time to sit down and do my Blog.

    It's been a hectic month at Jude's Jewels.  We have now completed 20 markets in Edinburgh over the festival period.  Really enjoyed all the buzz in the capital, all the Fringe things, and we did OK at the stall too.  Gave out a lot of business cards and the orders are now coming in on the website. Met lots of lovely people too.  

    We are now back into our regular round of farmers markets and Nick has the Jude's Jewels stall in Milngavie today. Depending on the weather, we may be in Helensburgh on Friday. Saturday sees Nick in Paisley and I'll also be at our local market in Stirling.  On Sunday we are venturing back to Sloan's Market in Glasgow to give it another go.  We used to attend a few years ago but stopped when it became filled with stalls selling cheap imported jewellery, not handmade at all.  It seems to have changed back again to a more artisan market, so we will have another try.

    Thursday 22nd September is the first Atrium Traders Market of the Autumn semester at Stirling University.  We will be there every Thursday till Christmas.

    We have been asked to attend a Christmas market in Edinburgh by a gallery owner who saw our stall in Edinburgh last week. Just finding out more details, but it may be worth doing. We may also be taking part in another Christmas market in an Edinburgh hotel too.  Bookings for other Christmas events are coming in, but we are so busy and heavily booked already that we may have to turn some people down. 

    I've been very busy making new jewellery and have had a great response to the vintage stamp pendants. More to follow as soon as the pendant bases arrive from the US.  I'll also be making rings and smaller pendants in the same range.  The vintage glass ball skeleton watch pendants sold out almost immediately, so I have ordered more materials and will be making them again very soon.  I've also ordered a load of guitar picks from Australia and will be making a new range of earrings, pendants and maybe necklaces as soon as they arrive.

    The Lego Minifigure pendants and rings are proving to be very popular and I'm listing more all the time.  I'm also able to do special requests for these, so if there is a figure you want as a ring or pendant, let me know.

    The Halloween Jewellery page is back on the website, and I will be listing more items as soon more materials arrive and I make up the jewellery, so keep checking back to see what's new.

    On the website, Scrabble and Lego rings, bracelets and pendants are still selling very well.  Lots of cufflinks are being dispatched too.  Lovely to see so many overseas orders coming in, so keep them all coming.

    The August Newsletter Discount Code is now finished, but another discount code for September will be coming out soon.

    I've got to go now as I've got a pile of orders to get made and dispatched today.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Love from Jude x  

  6. Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd post a wee Blog while I'm catching my breath between busy weekends in Edinburgh and at other markets.

    Last weekend was our best yet in the capitol during the festival.  We had really good sales and gave out a huge amout of cards for the website, and now we are getting sales from these too.

    Selling well in Edinburgh are Lego and Scrabble rings, all kinds of other rings, teapot and teacup items and my new line of Lego Minifigure pendants

    The vintage brass pendants are popular too and I have just added a fabulous Victorian glass ball watch to the stock.  Monopoly pendants sold out on the stall last week so I will be making more for the weekend.

    I've just added Lego minifigure rings to the website and am adding new pendants almost everyday.  3 new figures have just arrived in the post and will be listed this afternoon.

    I added a few new rings yesterday, a red rose with leaves, a mint rose and a fab faceted domed cabochon with a photo of Audrey Hepburn.

    I will be making a new line of funky cufflinks using Lego Star Wars helmets just as soon as they arrive.

    Before I go and process todays orders, I think I will go for a short run, as the rain has stopped.  Then I'll be working all afternoon making up the orders so I can get them into the post this afternoon.

    The website has been getting steadily busier every day, which is wonderful and what I have been working for.  Thank you all for your purchases.  Your custom means a lot to me and is much appreciated.

    Have you all have a good week.

    Best wishes.

    Jude x

  7. Hi everyone,

    I'm so pleased that we got to the end of our second weekend at Edinburgh Markets.  4 days in the capitol, 12 hours each day, really takes a bit of stamina.  We also did 2 farmers markets last week as well.  A lot of work as I had to work hard to keep our stock levels up, keep making and dispatching the website orders, and get out to the markets as well.

    We had 2 good days in Edinburgh on Friday and Saturday, but Thursday was a wash out and Sunday was quiet.

    Jen did Helensburgh Farmers Market on Friday and it rained there all day, so customers were a bit thin on the ground.  Jen and I did Stirling Farmers Market on Saturday and had a good day.  It only rained a wee bit then the sun came out.

    This week we have 4 days in Edinburgh and Cupar Farmers Market on Saturday.

    I've just had a delivery of 2x2 pink Lego bricks, and I've managed to get hold of some more purple 2x2 and 2x1 bricks.  These are like gold dust so I'm very lucky to have found them.  I also managed to get a couple of Hagrid Mini figures and found some Lego coupler plates that I'm going to be making into heart pendants, so watch out for these being listed.  I'm just about to take photos and list some new Mini Figure pendants as well, including a Pirate.

    Also delivered this morning were my new lures and flies for more fishing earrings and pendants.  I hope to have some listed by this afternoon, if I can find my heavy duty cutters as I need to de-barb the hooks.  I also got my new sterling silver plated antique stampings delivered from the States today.  Lots of new earrings and pendants to follow very soon, so look out for Unicorns, Sea Horses, Dragonflies, Elephants and Cats, as well as Bats and Butterflies.

    As usual Scrabble and Lego rings are selling very well everywhere, but it's nice to see so many other items being ordered on the website, especially Lego and Scrabble bracelets.  At Edinburgh markets it was teacup rings, teapot pendants and food rings that were the biggest sellers.

    We really did have a busy weekend as we had 2 parties as well, a 21st on Saturday night and a 60th on Sunday.  Got to dress up and I wore my new feather hairband and matching pendant and earrings.

    I've just been out for a wee jog/walk, the first time out in about 8 weeks, so I took it slowly and managed just over a mile.  My goal now is to jog more and walk less, then start to go a bit further.  Hopefully I'll get back to circuit training on Monday too.

    So I'd better get back to work, Nick has just come in and wants to work on the fishing lure things.

    Have a good week.

    Jude x

  8. Morning all from a very wet Stirling.

    Most of southern and central Scotland has had constant rain for a couple of days now.  We were watching about 4 weather stations last night and this morning to check the weather forecast for Edinburgh today.  Very heave rain till about 6pm. 

    Phoned Edinburgh Market organiser at 6.30am to see what was happening and she said the market was going ahead today.  As we have already paid a large deposit, Nick decided that he would drive through and do the Jude's Jewels stall himself while I stayed home and processed the website orders.  He's away with a set of waterproofs as he has to park the car 30 minutes walk away from the market to get free parking, otherwise it's £20 for the NCP !!

    Anyway, I made a new feather fascinator/hairband and listed it on the website last night. The one in the photo is for me to wear this weekend.  It's available in a choice of feather colours and I've just been asked to add pink as well :)

    I've also listed 6 pairs of Dr Who earrings, but I only have 1 pair of each type.

    I found a few Tennants cans yesterday so listed 2 pairs of earrings.  Found some Grouse cans too, so I updated the can cufflinks list as well.

    I'm just waiting on the parcel post arriving, as I've got a lot of materials ordered.  Most should arrive today. At least 6 sets of Scrabble should come today, so that means plenty of letters in stock for all the Scrabble jewellery.  I got a huge delivery of Lego yesterday, so all colours of bricks are in stock too.

    If I get a chance I'm going to work on some more fishing lure pendants, but I need to find my heavy duty snips so I can take the barbs and hooks off.

    Remember to sign up for the Jude's Jewels mailing list to receive your special offer discount codes and newsletters.

    Hope the rain is not too bad there ever you are.

    Take care.

    Jude x

  9. Hi everyone.

    We have just about dried out after 3 very wet days at Edinburgh Festival Markets, but at least the sun shone on Friday.

    It was so wet on Sunday that all the other stallholders called off, so we decided not to bother setting up as one stall does not look like a market.  We came all the way home again and I went back to bed.  Probably did me the world of good as I've been working constantly for weeks. 

    Last week, Nick had a brilliant day at Milngavie farmers market and also at Falkirk farmers market, and the website has been very busy again, so that more than made up for the wet days in Edinburgh.

    I've just introduced a new line (excuse the pun) on the website, fishing lure pendants.  These are made from real Bass lures with Swarovski crystals covering the hooks. They are very bright and colourful, and I will be adding more today.  I've also just sourced some fab brightly coloured Walleye flies and these will be made into earrings as soon as they arrive.  I'm toying with the idea of using some Trout flies for earrings as well, but I'll wait and see how the first lot sell.   

    I've just added more Dr Who earrings to the online shop. The photos are coming this afternoon.

    As always the Scrabble and Lego jewellery is selling well, as are the cufflinks.  The new Purple Lego rings have sold out so I am searching for more bricks, and the Gold Lego pendants are proving to be very popular.  The Red Geisha Girl pendants sold out almost immediately and so did the other Lego Minifig Girls.  I'm just about to list a Lego Pirate Minifig pendant as well.

    I sent out the August Newsletter on Sunday night and got a very good response.  If you received the newsletter and are thinking of placing an order, remember to use the special discount code.  If you would like to sign up to the next newsletter use this link

    Also remember that postage on UK orders over £20, and Overseas orders over £30 is Free.  

    I do hope you like all the new items I'm adding to the website.  If there is anything you would like me to make and list, please let me know and I will see what I can do.

    Have a great week.

    Take care.

    Jude x

  10. Evening everyone,

    I'm just catching up with a bit of work on the website, adding links and checking the SEO.  It's an ongoing job, making sure that everything is correctly listed and described.

    There were a lot of orders to make up and get posted today.  It's the same every Monday, as there are always a lot of website orders placed over the weekend.  Just trying to work out a more efficient way of labelling and now considering buying a package so we can do out own postage without having to go to the Post Office every day. 

    I've had a couple of new ideas for earrings but will keep them to myself until I order the materials and get a couple of pairs made up. These are going to be very different :)

    Also just reminding myself to order up plenty of bags and boxes.  We will hopefully need them at the Edinburgh festival markets which start on Thursday.  Jen has been working hard making up lots and lots of bracelets so we have plenty in stock.

    I listed some new cufflinks today. Three pairs of Tartan Lion Rampants, a pair of Union Jacks, and a pair of Miniature Compasses.  All very fun and funky.

    I'd better go and get the things I need ordered.

    Take care and have a good week.

    Jude x