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  1. Good evening everyone.  Hope you are all safe, warm and well, wherever you are.

    It's been snowing a lot here today again and now is't getting very cold, -10 tonight I think !!

    Have decided not to travel through to Milngavie FM tomorrow as the roads are very bad, and we just don't think it's worth the risk.

    Been processing orders like crazy all day but have had so many more new orders come in during that day that I still have over 60 to make up tomorrow.

    Scrabble rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces still very popular.  Lego rings and pendants going well.  Sweetie jar pendants flying out the shop.  Dice rings going well.  Poker chips almost sold out. 

    Listed 2 black and 2 red Lego octopus pendants, but that's all I have.

    Just sourcing more Scrabble sets, ring blanks, cufflink blanks and boxes, as I need to keep my materials levels up.

    Better keep going.

    Stay happy.

    Love from Jude x 

  2. Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all warm and well wherever you are.

    It's been a bright but freezing cold day here is Stirling.  Snow lying everywhere and more fell this afternoon.  Temperature dropping fast tonight :(

    So many orders came in over the weekend I'm really working flat out to process and dispatch everything.  Scrabble and Lego still very popular. Sweetie Jars now catching on fast and Dice rings are selling well.

    Listed some fimo clay Christmas earrings today so please take a look.

    Also managed to get photos for the Oreo Sweetie Jar pendant and the Bags of Sweets Bertie, Flumps and Humbugs earrings.

    Going to put my feet up tonight as I'm starting to get very tired and my feet are hurting from standing all day :(

    Not going to circuit training either as I would just push myself too far.

    Anyway, take care everyone and wrap up well in you are out in the snow.

    Love from Jude x.

  3. Hi everyone from a very cold and snowy white Stirling.  Snow is falling heavily just now.

    Up at 6am this morning but by 7am we decided to pull out the 2 markets we were due to attend today.  Road condidions in the Central Belt were very poor.  We were due to go east to St Andrews and West to Fencebay near Largs.  Decided to stay at home and not risk getting stuck as the forecast was for heavy snow this afternoon.  Think we made the right decission as M8 and M9 are now blocked and A9 above Dunblane is closed too.  As it is, St Andrews market has been cancelled anyway due to the extreme weather conditions :(

    So to keep busy, I just placed a huge order for all the materials I need to make up fresh stocks of Cans and Candy items.  Most of the bracelets sold out almost right away last week.  Got new Sweetie Jar pendants made up (well they contain Oreos) and will list them later as soon as I get the photos taken.  Also going to be listing Cans cufflinks too :)

    Sweetie bag, St Andrews flag, Doggie and Christmas earrings also in the pipeline, so keep looking at the website to see what's new.

    I have to go now as my dear daughter wants to go for a walk in the snow and have a snowball fight........................at her age................really!!

    Have a wonderful and safe Sunday.

    Love from Jude x

  4. Morning all,

    Just a quickie this morning as I've got a very full day ahead :)

    Managed to get over 200 kids rings made yesterday and 50 pairs of hair clips.

    Just about to start on all todays orders.  Did most of the making last night so it's all packing and posting today. Checked my stats and I've almost sold 1000 Scrabble rings !!

    Going to Christmas Fair at Blairdrummond near Stirling tonight so better get a move on.  Jen has a stall as well, she will be selling the hair bands and clips :)

    Have a super weekend.

    Stay warm.

    Love from Jude x 

  5. Hi everyone,

    Woke up to a wee touch snow on the ground this morning, but nothing like some other poor folks got.

    Nick is up at Stirling Univeristy doing the Atrium Traders market today.  I did the set up and came home to get on with todays orders.  Coming in thick and fast just now which is wonderful, but taking a lot of time :)

    Postman has just been but no sign of parcels yet.  He says a sack is waiting for me at sorting office but it may be tomorrow before someone delivers it :(

    Nice to see orders coming in for all the new Sweetie Jar pendants that I've just listed.  Later today I'll post the new Scrabble Name Plates for your office desk.  Loads of fun options avaialble, so see what you can come up with :) 

    Better go and get these orders packed.

    Have a lovely day.

    Jude x

  6. Hi everyone,

    I'm just having a seat and catching my breath while Nick does the Post Office run with 2 sacks of orders that I've made today.  It really is getting a bit busy here at Jude's Jewels.

    Scrabble jewellery is still the most popular thing on the website but it's now closely followed by all kinds of fun Lego and funky Chess pieces. Dice and Poker items have suddenly started to sell well, and I've added 2 new Sweetie Jar pendants, Rock and Smarties, to go with the very popular Bertie ones, as they are selling fast too.

    I'me just about to start on an order for a Jack Daniels set, then make some Swarovski Angel pendants and Christmas Bracelets for another order to be picked up tonight :)

    So I'd better not spend any more time at the keyboard, need to get cracking !

    Hope you all have a lovely evening.

    Lots of love from Jude x.    

  7. Morning everyone,

    It's quite bright here in Stirling with blue skies, but quite cold.

    I'm up and at it early today as I have a carpet of orders from over the weekend to make, process and dispatch today if possible.

    Scrabble, Lego, Chess, Candy and Poker Chips all selling on the website.

    Just ordered a lot of new materials to keep us stocked up with fun jewellery in the run up to Christmas.  Hope I've got enugh.

    Watch out for some new Christmas earrings getting listed on the website later today.

    This morning I'm meeting up for coffee with a friend I've not seen in about 30 years, so we will have a lot to chat about :)

    Have a super Monday.

    Love from Jude x

  8. Hi everyone,

    Just been having a bit of a quiet day today.  Had a long lie, then been looking out for unusual materials and ordering Scrabble letters.  Not made anything yet which is unusual for me !!

    Feeling really tired and sore today after standing for so long in the damp and cold at Lanark yesterday.  5am to 8pm is a long time to be on the go.  But it was worth it :)  Just want to say a big thank you to all the people who stopped by the stall and gave us so much positive feedback on the stock.  It really gave my confidence a huge boost to hear people say they have looked around all the stalls and had come back to buy from Jude's Jewels as everything was so fresh and different :)  

    Unfortunately Jen had a poor day at Queens Park FM in Glasgow.  Don't know why we never do all that well there when we do so well at Paisley and other Glasgow markets?

    So anyway, I'm off now to make up some orders so I'm ahead of the game tomorrow.

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend, especially all my US friends who have been celebrating Thanksgiving today :)

    Bye for now.

    Jude x


  9. Hi everyone,

    Had a fab day at Lanark Christmas Market. 

    This is a very big outdoor market with well over 50 stalls.  More than a third were selling jewellery, of one kind or another today, but we managed to sell a huge amount of items and had one of our most successful days ever :)

    Childrens rings, Scrabble rings, Cans and Candy items, Christmas Bracelets and Earrings, and Cufflinks all very good sellers today.

    Last night I made up 11 new Candy Jar pendants and they all sold today. Will have to order more jars and get another batch made up very quickly!

    Fell asleep in the chair when I got home and have just woken up, so going to bed.  I'm absolutely exhausted as I got up at 5am this morning.  Been a long day!

    So I'm off to the land of nod.

    Hope you all had a great Saturday.

    Back tomorrow.

    Jude x



  10. Hi there,

    Just back from the Farmers Market at Clydebank.  Beautiful day beside the canal.

    Lots of customers about and good sales.  Everyone came for their orders from last month and we got a lot of orders for next month too :)

    All Scrabble items selling well.  Lots of interest in Lego, Cans & Candy and Cufflinks as well. 

    About to go to Falkirk to deliver a crystal necklace ordered at Stirling FM on Saturday, and then to Plean to deliver some cufflinks.

    Will be busy tonight making up stock as we are at the Christmas market at Lanark all day tomorrow and it's usually very busy.  it's also usually very cold !!

    So better get going.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Jude x