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This is my Jude's BlogI will try to write something on a regular basis to keep everyone up-to-date with what I am making, any new lines I'm launching, how I am feeling, what I am doing and things that bother or annoy me.  Please add your comments as I would really like your feedback.  I am also very interested in any ideas and suggestions you may have for new lines.          Blog Policyhit counter for tumblr

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  1. Made a new line of Rose stretch bracelets today.  Listed them tonight.  2" Acrylic roses with black or white glass beads and 2 crystal rondelles.  Choice of 9 colours.

    Also worked on new 'wee people' and listed baby girl and baby boy keyrings.

    An now working on getting flower headbands and beanie hats packed for tomorrows market at Milngavie.

    Still a bit to do so better go and get on with it.

    Love from Jude x

  2. Well what was supposed to be an easy Monday turned into my usual busy day.

    Got lots done including making up flower headbands and beannie hats, Scrabble Bracelet charm photographed and listed on website, Bride and Groom keyring pair photographed and listed on website.

    Also been to circuit training and done a shop at Sainsbury.

    Almost bedtime now :)

    Nighty. night all.


  3. After a very busy week, last week, I'm having a quiet day today.

    Just completed ordering a ton of new materials so I can develop a new line of bracelets.

    Parcel of hair accessory materials arrived, so have made up some new flower headbands and a few beannie hats as well.  They all look great.

    Still trying to order a new Dremel.  Just deciding on whether I need the press stand as well.  It could make life a lot easier :)

    Anyway hope you are all having a good Bank Holiday and that the sun is shining for you wherever you are :)

    Take care. Jude x 

  4. Well after a bit of a quiet day sales wise at Helensburgh FM, I am now up and running this morning trying to get a ton of website orders into the post.

    We also have 5 markets on over the weekend so I am trying to make up enough stock to cover an extra stall!   Oh my, what have I taken on?

    The diningroom and kitchen are covered in items half made, or finished jewellery waiting for boxes.  And they have just arrived along with some new carrier bags.  Just waiting for a delivery of ring boxes and all will be well.

    Customer coming in a few minuted to pick up 4 bracelets so better get doing.

    Have a great Friday.

    Jude x 

  5. This morning I have been drilling beer bottle tops to make into earrings for the stalls for the weekend.  I've added a Swarovski crystal to each one to give a little sparkle.

    Also drilled some more Barbie shoes and added crystals to these as well!

    Thinks it's going to be a bling day as I've also put Swarovski crystals on my latest lego rings :)

    Will try to get photos this afternoon, if I have any energy left after my PT session with Big Davie.

    Have a good Wednesday.

    Love from Jude.

    blinged things 

  6. After the less than dazzling weekend, I've had a fairly normal day.  Got all my orders made up and posted, including the special ones going to the US.

    Still a little down but feeling better now after getting lots of support from my friends.  They have been great and I'm so humbled by their comments.  Makes all the effort of developing, designing and making my jewellery worthwhile.

    Love from Jude XX   

  7. Well we did 4 markets over the weekend between the 3 of us.  23 hours of trading and 12 hours of setting up/taking down.  Sales were well below average and I'm quite deflated.

    Ocean Terminal was quiet and to make matters worse there were 3 jewellery stalls out of 8 yesterday, and 4 today.  

    I really feel low tonight.

    Will bounce back tomorrow :)

    Love from Jude x