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This is my Jude's BlogI will try to write something on a regular basis to keep everyone up-to-date with what I am making, any new lines I'm launching, how I am feeling, what I am doing and things that bother or annoy me.  Please add your comments as I would really like your feedback.  I am also very interested in any ideas and suggestions you may have for new lines.          Blog Policyhit counter for tumblr

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» Listings for July 2010

  1. I've just made up and posted a few orders today.  Started making up some new bracelets using Fimo rose beads and glass pearls.  Got a couple of sets to finish off for the weekend markets and some orders to make up too.

    Waiting on a big order of boxes to arrive.

    Winding down for my hols now.  Website Shop will stay open.  Still processing orders today and tomorrow, but after that orders will not be processed until 14th August.

    Fimo rose and big flower bead bracelet 

  2. I'm so pleased that my latest order of Lego pieces arrived this morning :) 

    Lots of new items being made up today and will be on the website soon.

    Got some spiders so I'm using them on top of rings and on pendants.  Also making up striped cufflinks and mulit-coloured rings.

    lego spider rings

  3. My first Blog so here goes........
    I've been very bust this morning glueing cabochons to new filigree findings and drilling Scrabble letters and getting orders ready to post out.
    Very short on some Scrabble letters so ordered a few complete sets over the weekend. Waiting on a lot of parcels to arrive.
    Just about to order more stock :)
  4. Tomorrow I'm going to list a special set on Facebook.

    It's a Red Rose Victorian-Style filigree set comprising of Butterfly Pendant, Earrings, Filigree ring and cuff bracelet.  Totally unique.

    All the items individually would cost over £60, but I'm going to list it at £50 including postage on my Jude's Jewels facebook page.

    If you've not already joined me on FB, please click on the link in the left hand column of any shop page.


  5. Well I have ordered all the materials I will need to start making zipper earrings and pendants/necklaces, and zipper pull earrings too.
    Nice bright colours and oh so up to the minute in the fashion stakes.
    May be other items to follow on once I see how the zips handle.
    Can't wait for the materials to arrive!!