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This is my Jude's BlogI will try to write something on a regular basis to keep everyone up-to-date with what I am making, any new lines I'm launching, how I am feeling, what I am doing and things that bother or annoy me.  Please add your comments as I would really like your feedback.  I am also very interested in any ideas and suggestions you may have for new lines.          Blog Policyhit counter for tumblr

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just a very quick Blog tonight as I am up to my eyes with accounts and really have to get them finished before our accountant has a hissy fit!

    Thanks to everyone who has supported Jude's Jewels this year, all my Facebook Friends and Fans, Twitter Followers, Website Customers, Stall Customers and Friends and Family.  I really do appreciate all the Orders, Sales, Guestbook Feedback, Chat and Help.

    I hope you all have a Wonderful Hogmanay and a Very Happy New Year.

    All the best for 2011.

    Love from Jude x

  2. Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all having a really fab Christmas :)

    Nick and I had a wonderful time at the Edinburgh Dungeon with 2 of our nieces and our nephew yesterday. Then we went to Princess Street to the Christmas market and funfair, then headed out to Nandos at Fountain Park. Good time had by all I think!!

    After a few days lul, the website orders have started to come in again and I've spent the day making, boxing and dispatching the latest batch of Scrabble and Lego jewellery orders.

    I'm still waiting on over 15 sets of Scrabble to arrive to get the outstanding K's posted out, but I'm hoping that they will turn up tomorrow!  If you are one of my customers who is still waiting for their order, please accept my apologies for the delay, I really do not know what Royal Mail have done with 2 weeks worth of packages :(

    I've listed a Valentines Day section on the website with lots of lovely gift ideas,  and also a Hair Accessories section which just has the Scrabble items at the moment, but which will have more stock as soon as I can get it made up and listed.

    I'm just about to do a pile of invoices for Nicks electrical business, then start tomorrow on both sets of accounts.  So I had better get going or I'll never get it all done.

    Take care everyone.

    Love from Jude x

  3. Morning Everyone,

    It's a grey, dreicht day here in Scotland.  Snow has almst melted away and everything is very dull.

    We have a lovely few days relaxing at home and visiting our family.  Going to the Edinburgh Dungeons today with nephew and 2 nieces, should be fun!!

    After a couple of quiet days over Christmas, online orders are coming in steadily already.  Scrabble and Lego jewellery still the most popular items at Jude's Jewels :)

    Just waiting on post to arrive, hoping that a lot of Scrabble sets will come in today so I can get all outstanding orders dispatched tomorrow.

    Hope you all have a great time over the holiday period.

    Stay safe.

    Love from Jude x.

  4. Hi everyone,

    I hope you all had a happy and enjoyable Christmas.

    I spent the day with Nick and jen and had a wonderful Christmas Dinner.

    We visited by Brother nad his family in the morning, and my Sister and her family in the evening.

    Today we have been having a family get-together at my Brother's house.  Had a wonderful time.  Company and food was fab :)

    Just wanted to say that Jude's Jewels is open for business as usual, with orders being dispatched as soon as the Post Office re-opens.

    Will hopefully be listing some new Scrabble and Lego items this week.

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

    Love from Jude.

  5. Morning everyone,

    Nick is at Paisley Farmers Market today, in County Square, from 9am to 1pm, I think.  This is the second last market of the year for us, only one to go tomorrow!

    I'm at home again, waiting for the parcel post to hopefully deliver a tone of materials so I can get the last 25 orders finished and posted.  Really been badly affected by the bad weather stopping post from being delivered in usual time.  I'm still waiting on parcels and letters from almost 4 weeks ago :(

    Really need these last 20 sets of Scrabble and my Lego order to get things finished.  Then I can start to think about Christmas.

    We seem to be having power problems this morning.  Electricity gone off 3 times already and Scottish Power guy has been to door to say they have a problem in the street.

    So better get this finished before it goes off again :)

    Have a safe and happy day.

    Love from Jude x 

  6. Morning everyone.

    I've been a bit quiet this week as I've been struggling to keep up with the orders.

    Reached our 30 day 'big' sales target yesterday so had a wee celebration last night.

    Over the last 30 days I've posted out more than 500 orders with over 1000 items.  Not bad for a little business like mine.  Everything made and packed by me, and taken to the post office by Nick, Jen or myself !!  

    Unfortunately I'm still waiting on about 20 sets of Scrabble and a big Lego order to arrive, so that is really holding me back finishing off the last of the orders today.  But other orders are still arriving, so I'm just working on them :)

    I've been so busy that I've not had time to put up the Christmas Tree or even write my cards, but I'm going to try to do a lot of festive stuff tonight.

    Hope everyone else is coping with all this snow and icy cold weather.

    Take care.

    Love from Jude x.

  7. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the lack of Blogs this week, just been really busy getting orders made and posted.

    Had a lot of trouble with deliveries of materials for 2 weeks, but finally getting parcels through this last 2 days.  However, quite a few orders that I have posted since beginning of the month have still to be delivered.

    Got a load of Scrabble sets and J's and K's delivered today so a pile of rings and pendants went into the post today along with a colourful assortment of Lego cufflinks and rings.  Just waiting for a big delivery of glass pearls to get a lot of Scrabble bracelets made up and posted, hopefully tomorrow. 

    We seem to be OK for markets this weekend, with the forecasted snow staying away, fingers crossed !

    Tomorrow Nick and I will have a stall at the O2 building on Glasgow, on Friday we are at the Farmers Market in Clydebank, Saturday sees us at Stirling Farmers Market, with Jen at Queens Park farmers Market in Glasgow.  On Sunday Nick and I are at Fencebay Farmers Market near Largs on the Clyde coast while Jen will have a stall at the Christmas Fayre Farmers Market at the Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnston, near Glasgow Airport.  So a busy few days for all of us which will hopefully make up for all the cancelled markets of the past 2 weeks :)

    Have to go now as I'm still making up orders to go in the post tomorrow.

    Stay warm and safe.

    Love from Jude x.


  8. Afternoon all,

    For the first time in months and months, we have a weekend off here at Jude's Jewels. A weekend without farmers markets that is!  Due to over-zealous council officials who cancelled the markets we were due to attend because of snow................which has now melted :(

    I'm working away to clear as many orders as possible over the weekend to be able to start afresh on Monday.  However, parcel deliveries have not got back to normal and I am still waiting on materials to arrive from last week!!  And boxes from 2 weeks ago!!!  What is happening to DHL ?

    So I'm trying to pack what I am making into whatever boxes I can find.....so you may get a your orders in the wrong type of boxes :(   .....................but you will get them.

    Please be aware that because of high demand orders for jewellery with Scrabble K's placed now may not be delivered in time for Christmas..........but I willtry my best :)

    Anyway, I'd better get back to it.

    Have a fab weekend.

    Love from Jude x.


  9. Evening everyone,

    Just a quick, late Jude's Blog to let you know what I have been doing today.

    Nick did the Atrium Traders market at Stirling Uni himself today to give me more time to process the orders.  Waiting on a load of materials to arrive to get things finished off.  3 sets of Scrabble arrived this morning, some chains and some sterling fixings, that's all.  No ring blanks, no cufflink blanks, no glue, no beads, no crystals, no ring boxes !!!

    Got about 20 orders finished and off but now really need a big delivery from Royal mail in the morning.

    At 5.30pm DHL came to collect the wrong boxes from last week.  But the guy did not have the replacement boxes.  Not his job, and he did not know where they were!!

    Also today second farmers market this weekend was cancelled.  That's Stirling and Paisley both been called off because the pedestrian areas are still covered in snow.....which is now thawing!!

    This would have been the busiest weekend of the year for us, so very annoyed about whole thing :(

    So I'm off to bed so as I can get an early start in themorning and hopefully get a ton of orders finished and into the post.

    Hope you are all safe and warm.

    Love from Jude x

  10. Morning all,

    I'm trying hard to keep up with all the orders for Scrabble jewellery.  The snow, ice and freezing weather is playing havoc with my deliveries and therefore my dispatches. 

    All my suppliers have put up the price of Scrabble sets so I have reluctantly had to increase up the cost of my rings and pendants to cover these rises.

    I've also just added a note to all the Scrabble items saying that because of extreme shortages of J's and K's I cannot now ensure Christmas delivery of jewellery with these letters (obviously the weather is playing a part in this as well). This is just to cover myself as I'm sure I will get almost everything but very late orders away on time, but please be aware that J's and K's are like gold dust at the moment.  Some suppliers are now charging a special high rate just for these letters.  If you are thinking of ordering something with a J or a K, please get your orders in this week.

    Other than that, I'm still woring away dispatching around 30 orders every day.

    It's like a winter wonderland here in Stirling.  Bright blue skies and sparkling white snow.  It's so cold that the air looks like someone is sprinkling pixie dust in it, it's all twinkling in the sunlight.

    Anyway, I've got a lot to do so better get on with it.

    Back tomorrow.

    Stay safe and warm.

    Love from Jude x