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Just Catching my Breath Between Busy Weekends

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Hi everyone,

Thought I'd post a wee Blog while I'm catching my breath between busy weekends in Edinburgh and at other markets.

Last weekend was our best yet in the capitol during the festival.  We had really good sales and gave out a huge amout of cards for the website, and now we are getting sales from these too.

Selling well in Edinburgh are Lego and Scrabble rings, all kinds of other rings, teapot and teacup items and my new line of Lego Minifigure pendants

The vintage brass pendants are popular too and I have just added a fabulous Victorian glass ball watch to the stock.  Monopoly pendants sold out on the stall last week so I will be making more for the weekend.

I've just added Lego minifigure rings to the website and am adding new pendants almost everyday.  3 new figures have just arrived in the post and will be listed this afternoon.

I added a few new rings yesterday, a red rose with leaves, a mint rose and a fab faceted domed cabochon with a photo of Audrey Hepburn.

I will be making a new line of funky cufflinks using Lego Star Wars helmets just as soon as they arrive.

Before I go and process todays orders, I think I will go for a short run, as the rain has stopped.  Then I'll be working all afternoon making up the orders so I can get them into the post this afternoon.

The website has been getting steadily busier every day, which is wonderful and what I have been working for.  Thank you all for your purchases.  Your custom means a lot to me and is much appreciated.

Have you all have a good week.

Best wishes.

Jude x

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