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Busy Buying Day

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Hi everyone,

I've been very busy today trying to get lots of new materials pulled together for a big event at the end of the month.  Had ordered a lot of special charms but it looks like they may not be ready on time so I am covering myself by buying other materials.  We will need lots and lots of stock to keep us going for 4 days.  Just ordered a pile of boxes as well.  All my stall and online sale jewellery goes into boxes.  It just makes the purchase that bit more special and keeps the item safe.  I hate to see people giving customers jewellery in organza bags.

Had a busy weekend with good sales at Stirling Uni and Stirling Farmers Market but poor sales at Helensburgh and Paisley Farmers Markets. In general, sales are very up and down just now. We are just trying to keep soldiering on and hope that the problems with the economy are fixed sooner rather than later.

Website sales are holding steady now after the fall caused by Google changing things.  In fact there has been a distinct upturn this last few days.  I've been working hard on the website, at my descriptions and metatags, and try to keep changing things slightly every day to give the robots something to see.  Takes up a lot of my time.

Had a few custom orders over the weekend and again tonight, which is something I love, and also got a rush job for 2 tiaras for Wednesday, so hope the materials arrive tomorrow. 

Made up some new charm necklaces yesterday just to see how they would turn out and how long they would take to make.  Each necklace is taking over an hour to make so willhave to be costed accordingly.  Sold one as soon as I put the photo on Facebook last night.  Ordered some beads today to make a few new necklaces for the stalls.  Going to be using Fimo, glass and crystal, for a summer look.   

Jen has been making up all the remaining Can beads ready to make into bracelets and earrings.  She has made a few hundred.  After these are gone we will not be stocking them any more.  Too many people now selling them, so we will move on to something else. 

Been out at circuit training tonight. Keeps me fit and helps get rid of any pent up frustrations.

Just finishing printing off tonights orders, so had better go and look out all the materials I will need, so I can get straight on to making up the items in the morning.

Take care.

Jude x

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