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Evening all,

This is a bit of a late Blog today, but I've had a lot on and been trying to re-vamp some of the item descriptions on the website.

Also been trying to get to grips with robots and what they do when they crawl your site !!  I'm still none the wiser really, lol :)

I had a big making day yesterday and got a lot of new earrings and a couple of pendants listed on the website. Some fab yellow roses and purple faced pansies, some horses, and some funky other things.

Website has been very busy today.  It's always nice to switch on the email in the morning and see orders already in.  Been a steady stream all day.  And quite a few International ones, which is wonderful.  Scrabble still very popular but a lot of rings, Chocolate and Easter items going out this week too. 

Got some unusual new resin pieces made on Sunday and Monday, just have to add the final fixings now they are set nice and hard.  Think most will be rings with the bigger ones for pendants.  Ordered some assorted bracelet moulds, so they should be here soon.  Quite excited to try them out with some new embeds.

I had better go and get ready for bed now, I'm trying to have an early night tonight as I've got a lot of things to make tomorrow and a PT session at 4pm. Then we are all going to Auchtertool in Fife to a get together for Jimmy, the Fife Farmers Market organiser, who retired last month.  Should be fun, and I'm sure the food will be fab :)

So take care everyone.

Love from Jude xx.

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