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Ordered a ton of new Materials

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Evening all,

Goodness but I've been busy today.  I've ordered even more new materials to start making a new line in cufflinks, plus extend the range for some other items.

Todays orders are all made and posted, which is always a relief :)

Had great feedback for the fruity items I listed yesterday.  Sales coming in already. More of this line will be added this week.  Just need to set up a very small drill bit to get some pieces made.

Also added a lot of new food rings, but photos are not up yet.  Will have to do them tomorrow.

Event bookings coming in all the time just now, but having to turn some down as my calendar is already very full.  Spring and Summer are going to be very full on for Jude's Jewels.

Nick and Jen will be at Milngavie Farmers market tomorrow.  I have PT at 8am then am going to spend the day making new jewellery.  Hopefully some of the new materials will arrive and I can get a lot done :)

Going to make a cup of tea and put my feet up now.  Only stopped for about 20 minutes all day.

Take care.

Love from Jude x  

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