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New Beads Day

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Afternoon all,

It's been a few days since my last Blog..............

Just been very busy with markets and website orders and making new stock.

Got a load of fab new beads in this morning and already got a lot made into bracelets for the stalls this weekend.  Just about to start on the rest of the larger beads.  Going to be making new ribbon necklaces which just tie at the back, nice and simple :)

Had to put in another big order for boxes again today, where do they all go ? (out with the orders)

Also managed to get my paws on another few sets of Vintage Scrabble to keep up with demand. I only use old black print Scrabble, not the newer green printed letters and not the coloured tiles.  This is because people only really want the vintage ones :)  Got well over 100 sets sitting in the dining room now, all with J's, K's, C's, M's and H's gone, hehehe. 

Nick is off to the PO again with todays orders. Had to keep a few back till tomorrow as I've run out of the right size of ring blanks again.  Put a big order in 2 weeks ago, but they had failed to turn up yet.

Also ordered a load of new hair clips, snaps and slides, and padded applique pieces for the summer markets.  Want to make sure I have my stock in place in plenty of time this year.

Anyway, I'd better go and make a start on these ribbon necklaces before I have to go and make something to eat.

Hope you have a good day.

Love from Jude xx

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