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Stirling Uni Market

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for not being about much this week.  Just been very busy getting website orders made and dispatched.

Been up to Stirling University this morning and set up the stall at the Atrium Traders Market.  Nick is there all day and I will be back up after lunch, once I've got todays orders made and posted.  New on the stall today are fab jewelled cupcake and sundae pendants. Hope they ell well :)

Scrabble and Lego still most popular on the website but great to see all sorts of other items selling well too.  Chocolate egg earrings, pendants and bracelets going very fast just now.

I'm waiting on the parcel post as usual. Need an order of Sterling silver to be delivered so I can get on with a load of new earrings. Also waiting on crystals, resin moulds, flatbacks, more scrabble sets and a variety of other things too.

Was at PT yesterday, so got aches all over today.  It never seems to ger any easier.....or maybe it's just me getting older :)

Anyway, I'd better crack on and get these orders made.  Don't want to leave Nick on his own too long.

Have a great day.

Take care.

Love from Jude xx

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