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Running out of Boxes !!

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Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend whatever you ewere doing.

We did 4 markets over 3 days, and had Sunday off which was great.  Went for a walk up the hill behind the house.  A bit cold and grey but we enjoyed it.  Got my feet wet a couple of times jumping over (into) bogs :)

So back to usual work this morning.  Website has been very busy over the weekend so I have a lot of orders to get processed and dispatched today.  Boxes should have been delivered on Friday but I was at a market and DHL decided not to leave them where they are supposed to!!  Phoned them and they can't re-deliver until tomorrow.  I am now hunting through boxes for boxes as we have hardly any left at all after the weekend.

Going to be making a few new items this week, so will post photos as soon as I get things made.

Got a load of Scrabble sets on the way again as all the Scrabble jewellery is still selling very well.  Also waiting on a new batch of Lego too with more shapes and colours, and all the bits to make up some new mini-figures.  And have just ordered materials to make some realistic miniature cupcake pendants, so that will be fun :)

Ive now got everything I need for the resin pendants, except the moulds which were held up in Australia. But they are on the way now, so hopefully by the end of the week, if the weather is good, I will have some new items to show you.

Anyway, I'd better get back to the making table and make a start.

Have a wonderful day.

Love from Jude xx

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