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Sunny Monday

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Morning everyone,

Well the sun is shining and the skies are blue here in Stirling :)  Already got a load of washing on and 2 more to go!!

Just had a parcel delivery and it was a load of miniatures, so I'm already making up some items to list on the website.

Sushi rings, Strawberry cheesecake rings, Oreo cookie rings, Chocolate cupcake rings, Watermelon Cookie jars, Cherry cookie jars and Oreo cookie jars jars, and very cute Cup of Coffee rings too. Looks like it's going to be a busy day at Jude's Jewels :)

Got a load of orders to process and dispatch today as well, been a very busy weekend on the website, which is fab.

On the Farmers Market front, Jen had a really great day at Mansfield Park in Glasgow.  Best ever for sales and orders.  She out-sold Nick and I, who had a quiet day at Paisley. Our sales were far lower than normals but this was due to 2 marches taking place and huge Police presence, keeping customers away :(   However, we were back on form at Fencebay yesterday and had good sales and a got huge amount of orders for next month. Jennifer had a poor day at Sterling Mills, Tillicoultry.  It was very cold and that kept a lot of the families away.  So overall it was swings and roundabouts.

Over the weekend, I ran a competition on the website to celebrate reaching over 1500 Jude's Jewels Facebook Fans.  New rules at Facebook meant that I had to do a 'giveaway' via the website and not directly on my Facebook page.  I had lots of entries and am just about to list all the names and do a random draw.  Thanks to all those who took part.  I will be running another'Competition' when I reach 1600 fans :) 

Well I had better get cracking, lots to do today.  Just hope the weather stays good for a few days so I can get out and enjoy it.

Have a great week.

Love from Jude xx   

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