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Loads of New Materials Ordered

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Afternoon all,

Very sore all over this morning as I was back at PT last night and was put through my paces.  Seems my back/spine is not very supple so I need to work on flexibility.  Really enjoyed the kick boxing bit and mamaged to jump up on the bench without falling on my face, which amazed me.  Mind over matter :)  Need to go for a massage this week and do some pilates classes as well.

I was up at Stirling University earlier on setting up the Jude's Jewels stall at the Atrium Traders Market.

Nick then took over and I came home to work on todays orders and also to get on with ordering materials for the new ideas I've had :)

I thought I'd make some butterfly headbands so I've ordered about 6 colours of organza butterflies and silver tiara bands.

Also decided to try resin moulding my own cabochons for rings and brooches. I've just ordered the resin kit, some round, star and heart moulds and the items I'm going to ember in them.  Not saying what just yet as I want it to be a surprise.  But I'm very excited about it all :)

Looks like the black Lego Rings with the Swarovski Crystals may become big sellers now that Jessie J has been spotted wearing one, along with a Scrabble ring, at Camden Barfly :)  Good news for me !!

So now I'm going to have some lunch, finish packing the orders, get them posted and then get back up to the University to give Nick a break, and also to pack up.  I'm very fussy about what goes where !!

So Have a great Thursday.

Take care.

Love from Jude xx

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