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Late Thursday Blog

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Evening everyone,

Just a quick, late Jude's Blog to let you know what I have been doing today.

Nick did the Atrium Traders market at Stirling Uni himself today to give me more time to process the orders.  Waiting on a load of materials to arrive to get things finished off.  3 sets of Scrabble arrived this morning, some chains and some sterling fixings, that's all.  No ring blanks, no cufflink blanks, no glue, no beads, no crystals, no ring boxes !!!

Got about 20 orders finished and off but now really need a big delivery from Royal mail in the morning.

At 5.30pm DHL came to collect the wrong boxes from last week.  But the guy did not have the replacement boxes.  Not his job, and he did not know where they were!!

Also today second farmers market this weekend was cancelled.  That's Stirling and Paisley both been called off because the pedestrian areas are still covered in snow.....which is now thawing!!

This would have been the busiest weekend of the year for us, so very annoyed about whole thing :(

So I'm off to bed so as I can get an early start in themorning and hopefully get a ton of orders finished and into the post.

Hope you are all safe and warm.

Love from Jude x

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