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Scrabble Madness

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Morning all,

I'm trying hard to keep up with all the orders for Scrabble jewellery.  The snow, ice and freezing weather is playing havoc with my deliveries and therefore my dispatches. 

All my suppliers have put up the price of Scrabble sets so I have reluctantly had to increase up the cost of my rings and pendants to cover these rises.

I've also just added a note to all the Scrabble items saying that because of extreme shortages of J's and K's I cannot now ensure Christmas delivery of jewellery with these letters (obviously the weather is playing a part in this as well). This is just to cover myself as I'm sure I will get almost everything but very late orders away on time, but please be aware that J's and K's are like gold dust at the moment.  Some suppliers are now charging a special high rate just for these letters.  If you are thinking of ordering something with a J or a K, please get your orders in this week.

Other than that, I'm still woring away dispatching around 30 orders every day.

It's like a winter wonderland here in Stirling.  Bright blue skies and sparkling white snow.  It's so cold that the air looks like someone is sprinkling pixie dust in it, it's all twinkling in the sunlight.

Anyway, I've got a lot to do so better get on with it.

Back tomorrow.

Stay safe and warm.

Love from Jude x

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