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Saved by my Super Postman !!

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Hi everyone,

The snow has now stopped, but roads are blocked and travel is very difficult up here in Stirling.

My super postman came to my rescue today when he did a special parcel delivery for me because he knew how much I needed the materials to get my orders out.  He is a real star and will be getting a double bonus in his Christmas card :)

Over 10 sets of much needed Scrabble letters, 100 ring blanks, cufflink boxes and my gel insoles all arrived, so loads of parcels going out today.  Nick has already done 1st run to the PO with the orders I made up over the weekend.  He is just about to do a second, and once I go and get more padded envelopes, there will be a third later today.  I'm just delighted that we can get so many orders posted today.

Scrabble and Lego cufflinks now selling fast, as well as Scrabble rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants.  Sweetie Jars and Cans bracelets very popular too.   

So I'd better dash to Stirling, well as fast as I can in the thick snow, and get these envelolopes.

Hope you are all safe and warm.

Take care.

Love from Jude x.

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