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Well Below Freezing

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Hi there,

I'm just having my porridge watching yet more snow fall on the already frozen white garden.

Nick went off to Falkirk FM at 7.30am, with tons of extra clothes and spare boots, hot soup, 2 flasks of tea, and 2 heaters!! Forecast is for temperatures to stay below freezing here all day.  Just hop some customers venture out or all the effort to put on a market will be wasted. 

Still waiting on my large order of boxes to arrive which should have been delivered on Saturday, but have told they are stuck in the DHL depot in Bellshill and it is closed till Monday!!  We said we would go and pick the parcel up ourselves but DHL said no.  So I'm now really struggling to find enough boxes to keep me going with website orders and stall stock.  Box company can't even send another deliver out as they only use DHL!!  aaaaahhhhhhh :(((

So, anyway, the website is going like a fair just now which is what I have been aiming at for a long time.  Really enjoying the challenge of getting everything porcessed and out every day.  My only problem is deliveries of the materials I need to finish off some orders.  My wonderful postmam is doing all he can to help, but it seems the problems are in Edinburgh not Stirling.

So I had better finish off here and get back to work.  Going to make some new Scrabble Tile Artwork Necklaces today, and hopefully some kiddies crystal memory wire bracelets too, if I get time :)


Stay warm and safe wherever you are.

Jude x 

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