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Snowy Sunday

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Hi everyone from a very cold and snowy white Stirling.  Snow is falling heavily just now.

Up at 6am this morning but by 7am we decided to pull out the 2 markets we were due to attend today.  Road condidions in the Central Belt were very poor.  We were due to go east to St Andrews and West to Fencebay near Largs.  Decided to stay at home and not risk getting stuck as the forecast was for heavy snow this afternoon.  Think we made the right decission as M8 and M9 are now blocked and A9 above Dunblane is closed too.  As it is, St Andrews market has been cancelled anyway due to the extreme weather conditions :(

So to keep busy, I just placed a huge order for all the materials I need to make up fresh stocks of Cans and Candy items.  Most of the bracelets sold out almost right away last week.  Got new Sweetie Jar pendants made up (well they contain Oreos) and will list them later as soon as I get the photos taken.  Also going to be listing Cans cufflinks too :)

Sweetie bag, St Andrews flag, Doggie and Christmas earrings also in the pipeline, so keep looking at the website to see what's new.

I have to go now as my dear daughter wants to go for a walk in the snow and have a snowball fight........................at her age................really!!

Have a wonderful and safe Sunday.

Love from Jude x

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