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Stirling University Again Today

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Morning all,

It's a wet and dreary morning here in Stirling :(

We were up at Stirling University at 8am to set up the Jude's Jewels stall.  Takes a good 2 hours to set up. 

I'm now home starting to porcess orders again so Nick is manning the stall today.  Good sales already, so hopefully we will have another good day. 

We were just having a bit of a laugh with Fi the Cheese, at the new 'natural beauty product' seller, who has a wee display of lotions and potions and then a whole table covered in bought in jewellery fresh out of the plastic bags!!  This lady never made eye contact and did not say anything.  There are already 3 large stalls, including Jude's Jewels, a small stall and a half stall all selling jewellery at the Atrium Traders.  It's a very small market.  Brass neck or what!!  Never mind :)

Anyway my wonderful postman has left my parcels again, so I can get some new jewellery made today as well :)

Better go and have something to eat as my tummy is rumbling.

Have a lovely day.

Jude x

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