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So busy

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Hi there,

I'm so sorry for not blogging much this week.  I've been so busy with website orders and markets that I have just not had any spare time. 

Yesterday, after a very busy morning processing website orders as fast I as could, we went to Fort Willam to the 'Highland Christmas' shopping event (actually non-event).  Took over 2 hours driving in very heavy rain to get there.  Eventually found venue (!!) and went in to get started.  Instead of promised 1 other jewellery seller there were 5 or 6 stalls selling various kinds of jewellery from handmade to tat.  Loads of people came in but not much real Christmas buying going on.  I felt it was a waste of time, money and effort, so won't be doing it again :( 

Drove home again, avoiding deer on road, got in about 1am, printed off latest batch of orders, did 2 hours work, got up again at 6am to get ready for Paisley FM.  Came home and went to bed for a few hours.  Now getting ready for Fencebay FM in the morning and a 'Meet the Bride' event in Glasgow tomorrow evening.  Too much for 1 weekend !!

Anyway, Paisley was absolutely super today.  All our regular customers called by and most orders were collected and more placed for 2 weeks time :)

Jennifer had a good morning at Dumbarton Farmers Market too, so all in all a very good day as there were more good website orders today as well.

I've got to dash away again and make some bridal items for tomorrow night.  had intended having this all done during the week, but so many orders coming in that this is my first chance.  Better get started then :)

Hope you all have a great Halloween.

Take care.

Llove from Jude x 

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