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15 orders in 90 minutes

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the break in my blogs, but I have been very busy.

Had a really nice day at the special Harvest Farmers Market at QP in Glasgow yesterday.  Lots of stallholders had gone to a lot of trouble to decorate their stalls for the market.  Jude's Jewels stall was covered in pumpkins :)

Been busy finishing off a piece to go to California today.  Also ordered a lot more materials to make Christmas stock.

Went out shopping tonight, came back and looked at my email.  At that point an order came in which was nice, then another and another.  I received 15 orders in 90 minutes tonight, which is the most I have ever had in such a short space of time.  Had to go into online shop and add more stock :)

Also had a request for a Chess Queen Pendant so went in and listed Dark and Pale Queens as well as Kings and Bishops.  No pictures yet, but the listings are in place and the pieces are all from the same set. 

Nick has just sorted out all the orders and looked out a lot of the materials.  Going to be a very bust day tomorrow :)

Well better go and try to get an early night.

Will be back tomorrow.

Jude x

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