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Wow, what a busy day!

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I have had such a busy day it's not true!

Lots of orders processed and posted today but still a lot to do tomorrow.  Waiting on materials arriving to finish off pieces.  Thought parcels would have arrived today after local PO holiday yesterday, but no.

So hopefully everything I need to finish off these orders will arrive in the morning.

When I got to the PO this afternoon, it took quite a while to get all the parcels weighed and labelled.  it was raining hard and then thunder and lightening started.  Just as the lady behind the counter finished my last parcel and I put my card in the machine to pay, all the lights went out.  The lightening must have hit a sub-station.  I have to go back in the morning to finish paying :)

When I got home all our power was off too.  Only just came back on.  it's only when you are without something that you realise how much you use it and rely on it.

So just say and read my Cowboys & Indians mags until lights came bacl on :)

Now got to go and make something to eat.

Take care.

Jude x

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