Gemstone Properties



                   quartz crystal


Crystals and Gemstones are thought by many people to have some of the following powers and properties.


Please note that healing with stones does not preclude the use of a traditional medicinal service provider and you should always see a physician if you are suffering from any possible or diagnosed illness. 


AGATE: - promotes grounding, protection, security; balances aura, spiritual growth; stimulates precision and perceptiveness, concentration and memory

AMAZONITE: - improves self worth, promotes confidence, aids alignment of mental & physical body, calms emotions, sooths nerves, helps enhance creativity

AMBER: - great at lifting the heaviness of burdens, aligns mental & emotional bodies

AMETHYST: - calms the emotions, creates clarity of thought and assists in attaining wisdom

ANGELITE: - improves both sending and receiving, aids return to the innocence and purity of purpose we had as very young children, heals anger

AQUAMARINE: - assists in understanding difficult situations from a love-filled viewpoint, renews your spirit, nourishes you from a well of spiritual energy

AVENTURINE: - works through the body organ by organ, helps heal and purify your entire body

AZURITE: - opens throat chakra, assists with communication, allowing one to be more assertive & alert

BLUE LACE AGATE: - calming, uplifting stone, strengthens the function of the throat chakra, encourages peace, removes painful or irritated energy

BLUE TOPAZ: - leadership

CALCITE: - aids in fortifying the immune system and normalizing the heart rhythm

CARNELIAN: - helps fertility, enhances mental clarity and positive emotions, promoting a brighter outlook

CHALCEDONY: - aids in promoting stability, balancing energies of the body, mind and spirit, also encourages the wearer to be more responsive and receptive.

CITRINE: - assists in unwinding tension and increasing flexibility in the body

CORAL: - aids in soothing, intuition, imagination and energizing the emotions

EMERALD: - aids in the healing of the physical and emotional body, heals mental and emotional causes of physical illness, uplifts and vitalizes the whole body  

FLUORITE: - important balancer and healer, opens the heart and the mind, which assist in producing clarity

GARNET: - balances the sex drive and passion, spiritualising and uplifting, improves interpersonal relationships, brings warmth, understanding and commitment

GOLDSTONE: - symbolizes human ingenuity in the search for wealth and beauty, can be used to develop latent talents and to improve your life

GREEN JADE: - good fortune and long life, increases relaxation and reduces tension, can also be used to relieve grief and improve sleep.

HEMATITE: - used to reduce stress and anxiety and also helps to promote awareness of personal issues and patterns 

IOLITE: - helps to increase simplicity, imagery, truth and peace.

JASPER: - used in healing mental stress, aids in grounding and offers protection, can align all the chakras and balance yin yang energies, soothing

LABRADORITE: - helps the wearer relate to others and assists in bringing forth each person's strengths, also aids in producing more restful sleep.

LAPIS LAZULI: - assists in harmonizing heart and mind, and strengthens bonds between them, helps you live your dreams and increases adventurous spirit

LEOPARDSKIN JASPER: - self expression

MALACHITE: - aids in harmonizing the body, enhances communication through your body, allows your body to utilize its own healing forces to restore harmony

MOONSTONE: - sooths stress and anxiety, offers healing qualities for female hormone imbalance, has healing properties for the lymph nodes of the body.

MOTHER OF PEARL: - aids financial success, offers protection and helps in relaxing and soothing the mind and body

OBSIDIAN: - helps to promote grounding and releases tension and energy blockages

ONYX: - used to stabilize and heal your root chakra, to increase grounding, helps chakras become more adaptable, enables productiveness

OPAL: - helps the wearer to see possibilities and discover a broader view, increases imagination and dreams, assists in general healing

OPALITE: - a calming gemstone that aids sleep, helps you take steps to resolve underlying issues

PEARL: - beauty, purity and wealth, aid in physical healing, creativity and anger management. 

PERIDOT: - assists in bringing energies from your aura to the physical body, acts as a symbol of pure heart & mind, innocence and faith.

PICTURE JASPER: - invigorating

POPPYJASPER: - soothing

QUARTZ: - attracts life force from your being and brings it into the physical world and helps to nourish your mind, emotions and physical body.

RHODONITE: - sorts out feelings that are scattered, imbalanced, or ungrounded, broadens your perspective and helps you become more balanced and mature

ROCK CRYSTAL: - attracts life force of the wearer, and is used as a general healing gemstone to benefit a spiritual well being and health

ROSE QUARTZ: - love and friendship

SAPPHIRE: - used to enhance mental clarity and heal the mind, expands your mental potential, enhances your independence,

SARDONXY: - assists in bringing happiness to relationships and marriage, emits good fortune and encourages self-control and provides courage

SERAPHINITE: - association with powerful Angels who sit at God's throne, thought to have strong healing powers, serves as amplifier of other gemstones

SODALITE: - purifies your aura, making it a cleaner, more harmonious atmosphere in which to live, absorbs and neutralizes the clouds of disharmony

SUGILITE: - used to gently draw out inflammation, stress, disease, and emotional blockages, absorbs and dissolves anger and unwanted energies

TANZANITE: - used to uplift and open the heart

TIGER’ EYE: - helps to convert anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality and logic, increases confidence, clear thinking, imagination and focus

TOPAZ: - utilized for mental clarity and focus, aid in reducing mood swings and worries

TOURMALINE: - used to strengthen the body and spirit, Green tourmaline gems are used to balance the male and Pink to balance the female.

TSAVORITE: - said to symbolize happiness as well as deep and enduring love and friendships.

TURQUOISE: - good general healer for all illnesses, induces wisdom and understanding, enhances trust and kindness, mental and spiritual clarity

UNAKITE: - used to help release conditions which have been inhibiting personal growth, aids in balancing the physical and emotional body, stability, peace  

YELLOW JADE: - good luck

ZIRCON: - used to increase intuition, durability and steadiness, aids in the easing of depression and insomnia